Our current study From Oops to Oh No! is exploring how children learn to cooperate and interact in the home. Please consider taking our 20-minute survey on Qualtrics. This anonymous survey will ask you about your home, your children’s participation in the home, and some questions about language and temperament. 

Parents of children aged 14 and 24 months living in Ottawa-Gatineau:

Parents and Caregivers! We are looking for children aged 12-24 months to participate in an in-lab play-based study on the development of cooperation.

If you live in or near the Ottawa/ Gatineau area and would like to participate contact us at morallab[at] or 613-562-5800 ext. 3582. You can read more on our Facebook site:

Parents of children aged 1-4 living in Canada:

The University of Ottawa Social Moral Development Lab is looking for parents, currently residing in Canada, of 12- to 48-month-olds to participate in an online study on the development of cooperation. 

To participate in this anonymous 20-minute study, please follow the weblink below:

For more details, call or email:
Ottawa Toddler Study 613-562-5800 ext. 3582


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