Ottawa Social Moral Development Lab

For students interested in joining the lab as a volunteer, UROP or honours students, or graduate student, please consult this article for ideas and advice on a good application.  Former or current study looking for a reference letter? Look at this article for advice. 

2017-2018 Lab
Graduate students Sarah Jayne Connick-Keefer (Experimental); Victoria Edwards (Clinical); Rob Hill (Clinical)
Honours students and major research projects Sarah Bethune; Emma Grant; Melina Longo 

2016-2017 Lab
Graduate students Rob Hill (Clinical) - Impact of Service Learning on University Students;
Sarah Jayne Connick-Keefer (Experimental) - Online and Offline Prosocial Behaviour in Emerging Adults
Honours students Humeyra Celebi; Mariam Ismail; Khaled Kchouk; Lydia Muyingo; Chloe St.Onge-Shank
UROP students Alexandra Allen; Anika Talukder; Alexandra Vanderschot
Volunteers Safia Jama; Sarah McArdle; Madison MacLachlan; Cam Kraft; Catherine Zhao

2015-2016 Lab
Graduate students Rob Hill (Clinical)
Honours students Elizabeth Al-Jbouri; Victoria Edwards; Laura Feltham; Alexandre Michaud 
UROP students Humeyra Celebi; Mariam Ismail
Volunteers Angela Gagbegnon; Mariya Khan; Melina Longo

2014-2015 Lab
Honours students Valérie Morin; Lily Szeto; Krystele Tomeck 
Volunteers Komal Malhotra

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